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Sydney Reads and Reviews: Immortal Writers

30423330Title: Immortal Writers

Publication Date: November 5th, 2016

Publisher: Blue Moon Publishers

Author: Jill Bowers

Rating: 3.5/5 Stars

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Summary: Young up-and-coming author Liz McKinnen has no idea that her life is about to change forever when she comes home from her first book tour. When she’s kidnapped and told by her captors that she has to kill her fantasy book’s antagonist, she thinks that she’s fallen into the hands of crazy, dangerous fans… until her antagonist sends a real, fire-breathing dragon after her. Liz is quickly initiated into the Immortal Writers, a group of authors from throughout time whose words have given them eternal life, and whose prose is so powerful that it’s brought stories over from the Imagination Field into the Reality Field. As Liz meets authors such as William Shakespeare, JRR Tolkien, Edgar Allan Poe, and Jane Austen, she has to learn how to control magic, fight dragons, and face her own troubled past before her power-hungry villain takes over the world. Will she survive the ultimate battle against the dragon lord whom she created?

My Thoughts:
 Liz x Curtis
Fave Cinnamon Rolls: Healer
Needed BROTP: Liz & Healer

Actual Review: 3.5 Stars at best.

You ever read a book and want to know more about other characters than the main character? That’s this book for me. The premise of Immortal Writers is that if an author creates a story that is so great and awe-inspiring and will probably go down for along time, the story somehow truly comes to life and the author is then immortal(literally).

The story focuses on Liz McKinnen, who is probably in her mid 20’s and is a fantasy writer( like created types of dragons fantasy). She is just home from a book tour when suddenly she is abducted by some men and is thrown into this new world where Shakespeare is still alive and has read her books, and some of her characters have come to life. Part of Immortal Writer’s induction is defeating the villain of their story that has come to life. Which Liz must now prepare to do.

While the romance is cliche and kinda dumb, it’s very obvious that it’s giong to happen. I just didn’t find myself truly connecting with Liz and her characters. Maybe it’s because my life and upbringing is so vastly different from Liz but i just kind felt like story wasn’t as great as it could have been.

Personally i’d rather read about these other authors that i already know about. Give me Tolkein’s story about defeating Smaug, let me read what Jane Austen had to do. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD LET ME KNOW IF ROWLING IS PART OF THIS GROUP!!!

While i thought the different dragons were cool, and the fact that Shakespeare & Tolkein want in on the action, the story itself just left me with a feeling of meh at the end.

The ebook has a sneak peek at a sequel(spinoff?) but I will probably not be picking it up.



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