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Rodgers & Hammerstein Book Tag: Cinderella

In my own little Corner in my own little chair, I can read whatever I want to read. And so we have come to our last musical by the famous Rogers & Hammerstein. While the images may suggest the movie (which you should all watch) I am pulling the soundtrack of the 2013 Broadway Show because it’s beautiful.


The Girl from Everywhere has one of the best descriptions and settings out there. Either reading or listening, you really feel transported to this travelling ship and the places it docks. Especially when we reach Hawaii. You can practically hear the birds on the sea breeze and smell the salt in the air. Oh it was so beautiful.


I would say someone that questions their purpose is the main male character of S. Usher Evan’s Madion War Trilogy, Prince Galian. He seems at odds with what his position is and what he actually wants to do with his life. It really gets turbulent once he meets Theo.


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Okay, so this might be slightly cheating, but the entirety of Thirteen Reasons WHy is sort of a big monologue by Hannah. Yes there are people listening to it and it drives the story forward. But Hannah Baker kinda gives one big long Soliloquy.


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While it may be unconventional, I am quite fond of the Ball in A Gathering of Shadows where all the competitors are invited. It finally gets Kell and Lila and Rhy and Alucard all in one room and with those characters, it was such a blast.


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You know as well as I do, that anything is possible in Wonderland. But in Heartless, it may seem true but to Cath, the daughter of nobility, it’s not as true as it could be. For Cath still has responsibility as part of the court and to live up to her parents’ expectations.


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If there is anyone that knows what it means to defy the impossible, it is Kaz Brekker and his ragtag group of Dregs that he recruits in Six of Crows. He’s constantly told what a suicide and impossible mission this is, but to Kaz Brekker all that does is make him want to do it even more.


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What is more true to a Disney Fairytale retelling than Love at First sight, which is exactly what hit Kai & Cinder. Kai was easily taken by the beauty of Cinder even while she was covered in grease. Of course every romance has it’s ups and downs and theirs has a huge down called Levanna.


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While I may not be a Shadowhunter, I kinda know what Christina was going through when she had to transfer to LA. I’ve been the new person in a completely different country unsure of everything. Granted mine was by choice to Study Abroad, but it’s still a pretty big Lost feeling that occurs.


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From what i can remember, we get some great descriptions in Jay Asher’s holiady book, What LIght about the main guy, Caleb. Between Sierra’s first sight of him, to all the times we hear of the rumors surrounding him, we get a pretty definitive picture into this teenage boy.


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Okay so this is kind of a cop out, because the entirety of this book is a road trip. And not just a road trip, but a cross-country road trip that covers so many states and has a bunch of playlists. It follows the characters from California to Kansas all the way to the East Coast.


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In the Distance Between Us, Xander sets up these fun Career Day things that are kind of dates, but it’s my book tag so i can do what i want. He has such great ideas for Caymen to try, it’s so cool and kinda sweet. Like this adorable guy set up that Caymen could attend the photography shoot at his family’s hotel.


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I have a strong feeling that a good portion of the sequel to nemesis is going to be filled with romantic tension and angst after the ending that Nemesis had. When a couple is raised on opposing sides of an alliance in feuding countries, is it any wonder that there is tension. Especially after all that Sepora learned and lived through.


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If there was something Vhalla Yarl specialized in at the beginning of the Air Awakens series and struggles with for many books, it’s that she is a plain girl that belongs in the library. It takes her a long time to truly discover and accept everything that is amazing and magical about her. Of course it helps that she has a great support system behind her like Daniel, Fritz, Larel & of course the two princes of Solaris.


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One of Shahrzad, Shazi,’s biggest trials in The Wrath and the Dawn is looking past the rumors and masks of Khalid and discovering the man underneath. All the while struggling with her growing feelings for the Caliph. Add in some suspense and lots of work at this relationship, and you’ve got a hit.


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It wouldn’t be the 1500’s if there wasn’t great outfits. If you’ve read My Lady Jane, you know just exactly how much of a hoot it is to read. Between Jane and Gifford and Edward, there’s some great outfits and some great changes as well ;).



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