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Rodgers & Hammerstein Book Tag: South Pacific

There is nothing like a Book, nothing in the world. Ther is nothing you can name, that is anything like a Book. Oh how Rogers & Hammerstein are rolling in their graves right now at my bad usage of their songs to make a fun pun.


If you are looking for a book to knock you off your socks and then tear your heart out and punch it too, than look no further than the sequel to Victoria Schwab’s A Darker Shade of Magic, A Gathering of Shadows. It has a killer cliffhanger and so much intense plot leading up to it that by the end you are in need of  a pillow or a stiff drink.


Note to the wise, do not immediately finish Ice Like Fire by Sara Raasch immediately afterwards or you’ll regret it.


Its surprising and for me kind of sad that when i think of all these great female main characters none of them really scream GIRLY!. In fact i’ve encountered MC’s that frown and are disgusted by girls who dare to be girly. But i digress, a MC that is indeed not afraid to be feminine and girly is probably the contemporary Main characters of Morgan Matson’s stories.  I’d say Emily in Since You’ve Been Gone is a good example of what a typical teenager is like. Because there are just so many now YA Heroines who are the opposite girly and feminine that a typical teenager is seen as girly.


This one is simple. There is no book that is more descriptive of the beautiful tropics than The Girl From Everywhere by Heidi Heilig. The way Nix explores Hawaii in the past is lovely and breathtaking. I just love it. And it definitely makes me want to hop on a plane and fly somewhere warm and beautiful.


Oh how i love this character. If you have entered the zodiac filled world of Fruits Basket than you have most likely already met the ball of joy and sunshine that is Momiji Sohma. Momiji is one of the most adorable characters and Sohmas and i just adore him to no end. His positivitiy and smile are always upon him, just like Tohru.


I know i talk about this book a lot but it was just so good and so cute. Andi & Clark’s first meeting is one of those adorable ones that is almost reminiscent of 101 Dalmatians. She is out doing her own thing when suddenly a giant dog appears pulling behind him non other and our dashing male lead.


For all the numerous romance interests written into Throne of Glass, Aelin Ashryver Galthynius definitely does not need a man. She is perfectly happy and capable to get shit done and live happily without one. Neither does Lysandra or Nehemia or Manon for that matter. This whole series could have the men removed and the women would be just fine.


If there is one romance I truly adore it is Cath & Levi’s in Fangirl. Levi is the perfect guy that knows how to eventually become the boyfriend. He just concentrates on being a friend first. He supports her and helps her and then doesn’t push her to move any faster than she wants to. PLus he’s a giant dork that brings her Starbucks and wants her to read to him.


I have this memory of this beautiful children’s edition of Treasure Island and i’m saddened that i do not know hwere it is. I have always had a fascination with pirates and I think it stemmed from this story. I love Cpt. Hook on OUAT, the POTC movies are awesome (and yes i’m effing excited for the 5th one). I just think Treasure Island is where it started for me when i was a child.


At the time of writing this, my mind is escaping me if any of the many books i’ve read besides Cormac McCarthy (boring) has multiple languages in it besides Harry Potter because the spells are Latin phrases, so yup we’re going with Harry Potter for this one. If I ever had a tattoo it would have Expecto Patronum on it becaue that means I expect a Protector which sounds cool.


My favorite fictional food is actually in The Girl Who Chased the Moon because they have a whole BBQ Festival. Where you can try all kinds of great BBQ and enjoy town friendships and camaraderie and just thinking about it makes me want some ribs.


I may not have read many classics but i really and truly love the romances in Sense & Sensibility by Jane Austen. They just have that genuine feeling to them. I love the characters and the dynamics everyone has with one another. Plus it’s so nice to see such old fashioned romance.


Mentors are ones that we love and hate at the same time and sometimes we love to hate them or we hate that we love them so much, but they are necessary in shaping us and our beloved characters. One of the best mentors i think is non other than Minerva McGonagall herself. SHe genuinely cared about all her students and wanted to push them to pursue their talents no matter what.


Oh my beatuiful babies, how lovely your ship could have been. If only it were meant to be. Of course i am talking about Meira and her arranged fiance, Theron Haskar. Aka the biggest dork in all of Snow Like Ashes series. Yes they met due to an arranged marriage but it was beginning to grow into soo much more and it could have been but alas we cannot all have what we want.



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