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Rodgers & Hammerstein Book Tag: The Sound of Music

The Hills are Alive with the sound of Books inspired by Music! Hello hello, its time once again for the Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Book Tag. This week we are diving into the famous musical & movie, The Sound of Music. I am pulling the tags from the Movie Soundtrack. Feel free to listen to it as you read this.


If there is something taht Morgan Matson is known for, it’s the multitude of playlists in her books. Now i haven’t read Second Chance Summer, but both Since You’ve Been Gone & Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour featured playlists for different occasions intermixed with the story. I actually think having the playlists adds an extra depth to the story. Especially with SYBG because the MC likes to run and we get to know what her running playlists are.


If there is one character that I see quite a bit of love for on Instagram it’s The Darkling. But if you’ve read any of The Grisha Trilogy you know he is not exactly a sweet little cuddly puppy. But yet, he’s really loveable. Heck, even I prefer him over Mal (sorry dude but you are boring with a capital B).


If you have read SOC or CK, you will know that Inej loves to give herself little pep talks to help her through sticky situations. she also likes to pray to her Saints/Knives. Inej Ghafa is Ketterdam’s infamous Wraith but even Wraiths need to give themselves little pep talks every so often.


If any character was a quintessential stereotypical teenager, its the MC of Between the  Lines. While i enjoyed the book, this girl is a definite teenager. Constantly wanting to not talk to her mom and try to do things her own way. heck, this girl even ‘runs away’. All because of some boy.


My list of Favorite books is long, because how can there be only one i ask you. So i have listed here 4 of my favorite books that rereading always brings me joy. The Girl Who Chased the moon is an all time favorite that i reread at least once a year maybe even more. Throne of Glass is one of two books that got me back  into reading with it’s unique plot. My lady Jane is positively one of the funniest books i’ve read. And The Unexpected Everything had everything I sometimes wish my life could have.


This can be interpreted multiple ways, but the way i’ve seen this prompt is something that has instructions between the front cover & last cover. Last Call is about alcohol that gives magic powers and intermixed between chapters are actual recipes for these alcoholic drinks. Sounds awesome right?


Hands down,Kamala is one of the most interesting and amusing fictional creatures I have ever come across. A horse demon thing that has a sense of snark but also a sense of loyalty is something really unique and what helps put The Star-Touched Queen over the top in amazingness. Here’s hoping Kamala shows up in ACOW.


Thirteen Reasons Why is a story that follows the story of Hannah Baker and the tapes she recorded that detailed the thirteen reasons why she decided to take her life. This book has two narrators, Clay who received the tapes & Hannah through the tapes. The book is absolutely beautifully written and one of my favorites but the whole time there’s this sense of beautiful sadness attached to it because you know Hannah doesn’t make it in the end.


I am sure I am not the only one who thinks that the Epilogue of the Infernal Devices series is one of the best in all of YA. The fact that we somehow got the perfect solution to a love triangle where EVERYONE in the triangle ends up happy is just amazing. Plus we get a great little cameo/mention to the Mortal instruments. I absolutely loved the end of the Infernal Devices series.


Yeah, yeah, a slightly cliche answer to this prompt. But what other book is there that has an amazing, slightly unexpected,journey? I read The Hobbit last summer and I loved the lyrical way that Tolkein wrote. I definitely want to read LOTR this year too and experience that Journey as well.





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