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Sydney Reads and Reviews: Mad About the Hatter

25926238Title: Mad About The Hatter

Publication Date: August 20th, 2015

Publisher: Harmony Ink Press

Author: Dakota Chase

Rating: 5/5 Stars

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Summary: This isn’t his sister’s Wonderland….

Henry never believed his older sister, Alice’s, fantastic tales about the world down the rabbit hole. When he’s whisked away to the bizarre land, his best chance for escape is to ally himself with the person called the Mad Hatter. Hatter—an odd but strangely attractive fellow—just wants to avoid execution. If that means delivering “Boy Alice” to the Queen of Hearts at her Red Castle, Hatter will do what he has to do to stay alive. It doesn’t matter if Henry and Hatter find each other intolerable. They’re stuck with each other.

Along their journey, Henry and Hatter must confront what they’ve always accepted as truth. As dislike grows into tolerance and something like friendship, the young men see the chance for a closer relationship. But Wonderland is a dangerous place, and first they have to get away with their lives.

My Thoughts:
Hatter x Henry
Fave Cinnamon Rolls: Hatter
Needed BROTP: Hatter & Leonard

Actual Review: Lets just say if the original Wonderland books are as lyrical and word-twisting as this was, I have been missing out because I absolutely adored Wonderland in this book. While I have not read any Wonderland, what I do know is from OUAT’s spin off Once Upon A Time in Wonderland which was phenomenal and I wish was still on, but it does do That Wonderland justice. While I may not know Alice very well, reading all about Henry’s adventure in Wonderland with Hatter & co. was positively delightful.

There were so many quotes, I dont even know where to begin. From mind-puzzling quotes, to ones that do the dear Lewis Carroll & other authors proud and ones all about judging society in our world about acceptance of people and the like. I only rented an ebook from my library so I was unable to highlight and truly bookmark quotes I liked but i had plenty of page bookmarks to remind myself of where they were located. And this is not a very big book.

The Hatter was positively delightful with his topsy turvy sentences and any answer Henry asked of him. He was definitely a favorite character.

I really liked how they incorporated canon from Alice in Wonderland and seemlessly made it seem like she had a younger brother the entire time. PLus she even got to make a cameo or to witha positively perfect nod to Lewis Carroll via her twins.

This book does feature an LGBT romance where I believe, if i read correctly, both boys were Bisexual. If i remember correctly, they both seemed to reference previous interest in both sexes so neither of them was singularly gay. I do not read many books with LGBT+ MC’s so I dont know how it’s normally portrayed but I thought this was seamless and not made to seem like it was a gimmick or big flashy thing. Kind of like how The 100 handled Clarke being BISEXUAL. It was just something that happened in the show as much as Bellamy being a leader or Lincoln being just all around awesome.

Overall I really loved the book and almost immediately went on to Amazon and purchased a physical copy since in January i will have to return my ebook copy to the library.

I am incredibly greatful to the 12 Days of Diversity Read-a-thon because I wouldn’t have found out about this book any other way.

Definitely recommend to fans of anything Wonderland related whether it’s the SyFy Show, OUATIW, the Cartoon, or the books.




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