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Beating that School Slump

It’s that time of the year again. And by that I mean September. School has officially started and gotten under way and no doubt, you’ve been hit with a deluge of homework and projects and then you turn around and realize you just dont have the time or energy to read. And it has put you into a major slump. That School Slump. It’s inevitable and absolutely horrid to experience.

I’ve decided to put together some tips of ways to potentially beat that school slump and keep your Reading Goal on track!


  1. Keep a book with you at all times! 
    There is nothing better at a moment of boredom than to have a book to whip out at a moment’s notice. Though be sure to have good protection for our precious books. I recommend a book sleeve of some kind. I prefer BookBeau but she sells out VERY quickly when she does post stock in her Etsy Store. LINK HERE To get an idea of what they look like, you can peruse the Bookbeau tag on Instagram or scroll through some of my more recent instagram posts .
  2. Try to keep to a reading schedule.
    I know, scheduling is a pain. And trying to find time to do anything fun, let a lone read can be hard once school & midterms are upon us. But if you set aside time early on, like one hour each night or even jsut 30 mins and resolve to get your other stuff done before hand, it will make all the difference in the long run.
  3. Don’t be afraid to read more on the weekends
    Weekends are busy, i know. I’m in college, i definitely know how busy weekends can be. But now that it’s getting colder out, there’s nothing better than to curl up with a blanket, something warm to drink and a good book.
  4. Get your homework done first
    I dont know about you guys, but in my house school is the priority. I always resolve (okay maybe not always  i’m human not perfect) to get school done first and yes my reading has suffered because of it. But it’s not the end of the world. That homework will be finished and you will have free time.
  5. Don’t feel bad if you have a slow month
    Not everyone is able to read alot during the school year. I know I sure can’t. There’s a reason I don’t set my GR goal very high. So if you have a month where you read only 1 or 2 books, don’t feel discouraged. We’ve ALL been there. Multiple times. IT’s just the nature of the beast that is school. But remember, while there is school there is also school breaks.

Just remember to always have fun and don’t stress over stuff guys. Nothing is ever as much fun anymore when you add stress to the mix. And look I know that ALOT of books come out in September and there’s this sort of unspoken stress of wanting to read them all right away so you can review it or know what other people are talking about but don’t make that a priority if you don’t want to. Empire of storms is out and on my shelf but i haven’t even read Queen of Shadows yet. It’s no big deal.  Read what you love and know what your limits are.



23 year old Mechanical Engineer that likes to read a lot in her spare time as well as take pictures of the books she reads.

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