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July Wrap-Up

July has been quite the month for this blogger and surprisingly, a very good one for my TBR Pile & My Goodreads Challenge.

At the beginning of July, I was completing the book that would finish my Goodreads Challenge and here we are 30 days later and my Challenge is not only completed but it is 8 books over.

Over the course of the month of July, I completed 8 books, 1 novella, and reread 2 books for my Sarah Addison Allen Summer ReRead.

Here’s the lineup.

  1. My Lady Jane by Brodi Ashton, Cynthia Hand, & Jodi Meadows
    5/5 Stars, full of humor and fun, light reading and hilarious characters. Absolutely full of little references to so many pop culture things.
  2. The Island by S. Usher Evans
    4.5/5 Stars. A bit more New Adult then Young Adult then was advertised. Both characters are extremely snarky and it fits well.
  3. The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson
    10/5 Stars. This book is an absolute delight and a new favorite.
  4. Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo
    3.5 /5 Stars. While it is not required to read this before Six of Crows, I would actually advise it because it pales so much in comparison to Six of Crows.
  5. The Chasm by S. Usher Evans
    5/5 Stars. A great follow up to The Island with so many more characters to help round out the main 2.
  6. Rebel Mechanics by Shanna Swendson
    Infinte /5. This book is full of magic and science. A perfect blending of steampunk, historical fantasy, and magic. An absolute winner for a ya fantasy lover and Engineering Student like me.
  7. The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien

    Before the Snow: A Stealing Snow Novella by Danielle Paige.
    A lovely little reading that introduces the world setting of her upcoming book that I can’t wait to be published in September.


    Sarah Addison Allen Summer ReRead

    On Instagram in June, I was given the idea of rereading all of SAA’s stories over the summer. It seemed feasible as I was getting ready to reread Garden Spells so I could then read the sequel, First Frost. I then decided to continue this month by selecting two more of her stories and I quickly reread The Sugar Queen and The Peach Keeper. Both are fun, magical realism filled stories that are quick, one-sitting stories that exhibit SAA’s amazing writing.

    Reviews to all are posted on my Book Tumblr  ->

    If you wish, I can begin crossposting them here, but going forward in the future, all my reviews will be posted here.


    Until the next time kitkats



    23 year old Mechanical Engineer that likes to read a lot in her spare time as well as take pictures of the books she reads.

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