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BooksofKings Intro

Hi everyone, *Waves*

I’m Sydney, of BooksofKings both on Tumblr & Instagram. I’ve been posting reviews for a couple months now and I felt it’d be better to post them on a cleaner looking site.

I don’t post on any kind of schedule, as I even through i try to read a little bit every night, my finishing ย & posting is all up to the mercy of my work schedule.

I am in college, getting ready to go into my final semester in Mechanical Engineering so there is the possibility from September to December i will be reading less. In Comparison, this month of July, i have read 8 books with 1 more almost completed.

About me:

I’m 22, almost 23 (Sept 1st!!). I am an only child with at the moment, no pets. If you can’t tell by my degree, I am a HUGE nerd. I am active in my SWE (Society of Women Engineers) and once in the Work Force i hope to join groups similar to that. I love to read, which would make sense as this is a book blog. And the main reason I am even doing this is for fun. I’m not trying to get big as a reviewer or get ARC’s (As awesome as those are). I just want to express my thoughts in a place.


Join me on my adventure.



23 year old Mechanical Engineer that likes to read a lot in her spare time as well as take pictures of the books she reads.

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